Me? Drawing? WHAT THE HELL?

Yes yes. I felt like drawing two 3-koma comics involving my current obsession with playing cards. The kingdom of Spades vs. The republic of Clubs.


Just to prove I’m not dead.

Here’s chapter one of lucid Spiral. I’ve already made up to four chapters of it but I wasn’t too sure of making it too public.
“Haha, oh wow.” The girl laughed as she and her friend crossed the street at the first stoplight. As the pair continued their conversation before one of them stops at her medium sized row home. “I’ll see you later” said the girl as she pulls out her key and unlocks her front door. A nod is shown to be a reply before she shuts the door. Now alone, she continues her usual routine walk home while the brilliant summer sun sets behind the horizon, bathing the entire town in a radiant orange light.
Stopping at the top of a hill the street she’s on goes over, she takes in a view of the city that surrounds her and lets out a sigh and keeps up her walk to her home. “same ol’ same ol’.” she says to herself before turning a corner to her small house where the TV that was always on at this time of day would be showing the same show that came on the previous day. “I’m so bored.” is mumbled before the solid front door is opened, allowing entry into the same old little hovel that she calls home….