I hate seeing squished turtles.

3-things from the pastHere’s my third and fourth 4komas! I decided to add a subplot about what happened to matt-tan after her series ended. Also I’d like to add that I saved a turtle today. it was asleep in the street and some other one was already squished. And on another unrelated note,I seem to have picked up an affinity for The ambient genre. I might Post an example later or something.
4 -...are best left there.


Oh god hax

So I’m using my shop teacher’s computer while
I’m trying to kill time before I have to go to my
math class. all I have to do is wait until 12:00 and I’m out of here!

Oh what?

Finally only 4 days left of school! But it’s finals week. Oh well here’s the second 4koma. this one introduces Diego and his sister, who wants revenge on Ai because she thinks she’s the one that took her eye. 2-The Plan