just because I felt like it.

I made vocaloid versions of the three out of boredom using some kinda fukken animu character creator thingy.


Double post special

Since so much has happened the past few days I forgot to update about it.
This time I’m posting a 5panel and a 4panel comic to decribe them in the shortest way possible.

oh look it was Inaugration day.

So after spending most of my day watching barack obama become president and stuff,I realized how lazy I am.

Happy Martin luther king day!

Happy Martin luther king day! let’s all celebrate peace,unity and other things.
anyway,I’ll upload a irregular comic with some of my posts to go with it, and maybe on sundays I’ll upload a weekly comic that’s more cannonical to the series. I’m a lazy fuck so dont expect them to be uploaded all the time.

Oh hay.

I’m going to post Matt-tan and friends on this site occasionally. maybe I’ll add in random ramblings about my day in here and other things you’ll have to read in this blog. Hell If I feel like It I might upload some win stuff on here. so stay tuned. As a note,I made them on walfas.org’s create.swf.
Here’s alittle music to listen to just to listen to.